CPM Scheduling




CORE helps its clients build a model that enables to predict which activities and resources are critical to the timely completion of the project.

Strategies may then be implemented to ensure that these activities and resources are managed properly, thus ensuring that the project will be delivered both On Time and Within Budget.

Through thoughtful and accurate schedule models, it is possible to evaluate different project delivery methods, Identify, optimize the use of resources, and evaluate if target dates may be met, identify risks, plan to minimize them and set priorities, and Assist management to think ahead and make informed decisions.




  1. CORE seasoned scheduling consultants have an extensive experience with the most sophisticated CPM scheduling specifications, and capable of obtaining the approval in a short period.
  2. CORE not only works with you on the periodic reporting required by the contract documents, but CORE also have a unique reporting system tailored to help project execution team understand project scope and deliver smoothly.
  3. CORE equips its clients with basic scheduling knowledge through a FREE scheduling awareness course provided to ALL CORE’s clients to help them stand in the progress meetings with any scheduling and protect their rights properly.
  4. CORE provides a committed, cost-effective, cooperative services with NO hidden fees.
  5. CORE internally works in teams, but, we provide our clients with FOCAL point of contact to give them a dedicated personal assistance.
  6. CORE bundle of services are integrated in a way that our clients can run their projects smoothly and are able to protect their rights of time and cost claims.
  7. CORE Provides a FREE “Duration quick Risk” analysis for all clients.


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  • Periodic updating
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Resources Loading
  • Revenue Loading
  • Resources Leveling and Smoothing
  • Tender schedules preparation